“Neil is the total package: an incredible collaborator and engineer. I’ve relied on his talents for several projects, blown away each time by his knowledge and professionalism. It’s an enormous relief to work with someone you can trust as much as you can with Neil. I’d recommend him to anyone.”

Akira Alemany/Nakahara – Songwriter & Founder of Slapback Media

“Neil is the real deal; a true professional audio engineer who creates great sound. He’s got superior technical skills; not surprising when you consider the fact that Neil has worked on virtually every type of audio production in his career. What makes him better than the rest is his creativity and generosity of spirit. Neil is hard working, dependable, and loyal. As a bonus, he’s a pleasure to work with.”

Dave Boire – DB Audio

“I absolutely love working with Neil.  When I brought him in as engineer on the Jeff Healey project ‘Heal My Soul’, there was no other choice.  He’s a pro through and through with a deep passion for all kinds of music.  One of my favourite things about him is when he hits a wall, comes up against something that’s impossible to do, he’ll tell you… then 2 minutes later he’ll figure out a perfectly viable work around to accomplish exactly what you wanted.  Rock star.”

Roger Costa, Co-Administrator – The Estate of Jeff Healey

“From a drummer’s perspective he brings a lot to the table as an engineer/producer. Not only an accomplished drummer himself, he is a great communicator behind the glass which is so important during a session. I don’t know what it is but there is an etiquette that develops in the studio but you can’t always count on that. That is what makes Neil so great to work with. I never have to second guess how my drums will sound or his ability to help get a great performance out of me. Neil is a consummate professional.”

Dean Carl Glover, Drummer – The Fandemics

“Neil is one of the fastest engineers I know.  He has a fabulous understanding of music and editing; I can’t recommend him enough!”

Stewart Horsley – Voice Over Actor

“I’ve known Neil for close to 25 years. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of music, and over 20 years experience in the studio.Please give him your consideration for your upcoming projects.”

Bill Kole – Musician

“Simply put, Neil is amazing. I’ve never seen anybody move around Protools so fast. He’s a real pro at handling all situations to make sure the artist always feels comfortable. Wait till you hear his mixes!”

John Preketes – JPC Post Studios

“Neil McDonald is both a musician and a skilled engineer. I have worked with him on several of my own original music projects; I greatly appreciate his technical expertise, his fine ear, and his creativity.” 

Denis Schingh – Composer/Pianist

“Having very little musical background myself and feeling totally creatively screwed, I contacted Neil. Armed with vague instructions and rough ideas, more along the lines of visual “ feels” as opposed to actually anything anyone could follow coherently.   Neil, ever patient and professional, took my ideas and ran! Never once making me feel stupid for not being technical in music production knowledge, or hindering my personal creative expression.  There were many times when after working on a track, he would send it to me, my response was in all-caps and in the largest font available to hotmail a simple “FUCK YES!”  I have a collection of tracks that I’m very proud of, and he seems to have managed something I’m not sure anyone really has in a long while.  He’s used his creativity and skill to  create a sound that is very unique, keeping everything I had asked for and delivering a hell of a lot more then I was expecting, plain and simple; Neil Rocks!”

Christopher Selvam – Loveshot

 “Allow me to preface this testimonial by stating that as an actor, director, casting consultant, and teacher, engaged in every discipline of the voice industry for almost 5 decades, I’m confident in claiming that I know of what I speak. Though I’ve encountered and worked with a legion of engineers and technicians, I can count on one hand (and have a couple of fingers left over) the number of them that I could rely on implicitly for honesty, sincerity, efficiency and speed, along with creative perception, partnership and contribution.  Neil McDonald is one of them.  Perhaps the best part of it all is that, over the course of our many years of being in the studio together, we have become friends. The pleasure and comfort of working with someone you enjoy being with and that you know has your back unequivocally is a rare advantage. If this doesn’t say I suggest you work with Neil, I don’t know what could; and if you need to hear it from the horse’s mouth, contact me. We’ll talk.”